Your water heater is essential to your home, but like anything else, it gets old and sometimes needs to be repaired. The average water heater lasts anywhere from eight to 12 years, but a water heater can malfunction at any time. So if you’ve lived in your home for a while but haven’t repaired your water heater, keep an eye on it! 

Knowing the signs of when it’s time to repair your water heater will minimize hiccups and keep you and your family comfortable at home.

Today’s blog discusses water heaters, primarily the seven signs it’s time to repair your water heater. Keep reading to learn more. 

How Does A Water Heater Work?

There are two types of water heaters – electric and gas – that pretty much function the same way. First, there’s a dip tube where cold water comes in. Then, that water is heated inside the tank and flows through the heat-out pipe to your water pipes.

In everyday life, water heaters are most often used for cooking, cleaning, showering/bathing, and space heating, making them essential for 21st-century living. 

If you notice the signs that you should repair your water heater in time, you can salvage the situation and (hopefully) not be left without a water heater.

Signs to Repair Your Water Heater

Your water is cloudy, sandy, or rusty-looking.

Not enough or no hot water.

The heating bill has gone up.

Strange noises are coming from the heater.

It is a leaking water heater.

Multiple recent repairs.

Super old water heater.

Paying attention to these seven signs will keep your water heater running smoothly for years to come. You’ll know what to look for, even if you must replace your water heater. 

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