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For clogged drains, broken toilets, leaky pipes, and more, count on quality service where and when you need it for your commercial business.

Salisbury Plumbing services commercial
buildings, even in emergencies.

At Salisbury Plumbing we specialize in new construction commercial plumbing. Our main specialties are light commercial, heavy commercial and industrial plumbing. We are experts in the following:
We service every type of gas and electric residential and commercial water heaters.

Commercial Locations
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There are many types of commercial businesses that need a dedicated plumber for service. At Salisbury Plumbing, we take care of plumbing repairs, replacement, installations, maintenance, inspection, sewer line repair, sewer line blockages, water heater repair and replacements, water line repairs, and water line replacement and installations. As a business owner, you know that when plumbing issues arise in your building, they need to be taken care of swiftly. With our licensed and experienced plumbers, we can identify all your plumbing problems and work on them quickly, so they don’t interrupt your day. We serve the following commercial businesses:

Services We Provide in Utah County

When you contact Salisbury Plumbing, you will discover that we do full maintenance inspections that include diagnosis and check-up and cleaning. We take care of clog removal, leaking faucets and toilets, water heater issues and repair/replacements, emergency plumbing repairs, installations and upgrades, and more. We strive to fix issues fast but with the best service possible, and offer emergency plumbing services. Contact us for all your commercial plumbing needs today.
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If it’s water heaters, back flow prevention, or pressure reducing valves to burst pipes, leaky faucets, and toilets, we can fix it. No matter if your plumbing needs are large or small, our licensed professionals have seen it all. And with our free, no obligation estimates and upfront pricing, you’ll never be hit with sticker shock.

Many expensive repairs can be avoided with a bit of preventative maintenance. Slow or stubborn drains have build-up inside them which are very acidic. This kind of build-up (called sludge) will rot your pipe from the inside out over time, leaving you with a broken drain. At this point, the only thing to do is to replace it. This usually means cutting up your floor and digging down to the rotten pipe. These repairs are labor intensive and can be time-consuming, leaving you without use of your facilities while the repair takes place. By walking into your facility and asking you a few questions, we can tailor a custom preventative maintenance program specifically for your needs and budget.

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