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Your search for the best plumbing contractor specializing in residential plumbing services now ends with Salisbury Plumbing. Our company offers high quality plumbing and water heater services on time. We work on custom residential homes and do light commercial and industrial projects. If you need gas lines installed, we are the company for you. Our team will perform light excavation work, remodel and additions and work on condo and townhome projects. The trained plumbers can quickly diagnose and solve any plumbing issues you have. Call us today!

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Water meter in concrete box with attached hose, connected to water main

Water Main

Water mains are the pipes that supply water throughout Utah, and they generally run underground. Decades ago, these pipes were made of galvanized steel or cast iron; however, today’s water mains are made from concrete...

A man fixing a sink drain under a cabinet with a garbage disposal unit.

Garbage Disposal

Your kitchen’s garbage disposal is mounted to the underside of your sink and is designed to collect solid food waste through its grinding chamber. Although every kitchen needs a garbage disposal, a malfunctioning one can be...

A person holding a wrench and a pipe in a room during a gas line installation.

Gas Line Installation

Homeowners utilize gas lines for a variety of resources, and you should keep yours in healthy condition to heat your stove, water heater, and dryer. Some people use their gas lines as the primary source of heat for their fireplace...

Black bathtub in bathroom with windows in custom residential home

Custom Residential Homes

Having a high-quality water heater and fixtures is vital for your custom home to stay in top shape, as is understanding the warranties involved. This information is easy to find out...

Expert plumbers at Salisbury Plumbing for residential and commercial projects.

Apartment Projects

Plumbers are essential to work with when building new apartments. At Salisbury Plumbing, our residential and commercial plumbers are trained, licensed, and ready to lend a helping...

Bathroom with shower, toilet, and sink. Tub and shower repair services available.

Tub and Shower Repair

Are you struggling with hard water that is prominent in Utah? Is there enough flow for you to take a shower? Or, is your shower drain clogged and unable to drain? For homeowners...

Old water heater in cramped space with hose, needs replacing

water heater replacement

Water heaters typically have a lifespan of about 10 years. When leaks occur, it’s best to have a professional water heater technician who can quickly identify the problem, get your water...

Salisbury Plumbing Lehi Utah​ Burst Water Lines

Burst Water Lines

A burst pipe cannot wait for service, and you won’t need to with Salisbury Plumbing’s emergency service. We fix the issue correctly and quickly, so the damage is minimized, and you...

Salisbury Plumbing Lehi Utah​: Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

As a business owner, you know that when plumbing issues arise in your building, they need to be taken care of swiftly. With our licensed and experienced plumbers, we can identify all...

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If it’s water heaters, back flow prevention, or pressure reducing valves to burst pipes, leaky faucets, and toilets, we can fix it. No matter if your plumbing needs are large or small, our licensed professionals have seen it all. And with our free, no obligation estimates and upfront pricing, you’ll never be hit with sticker shock.

Many expensive repairs can be avoided with a bit of preventative maintenance. Slow or stubborn drains have build-up inside them which are very acidic. This kind of build-up (called sludge) will rot your pipe from the inside out over time, leaving you with a broken drain. At this point, the only thing to do is to replace it. This usually means cutting up your floor and digging down to the rotten pipe. These repairs are labor intensive and can be time-consuming, leaving you without use of your facilities while the repair takes place. By walking into your facility and asking you a few questions, we can tailor a custom preventative maintenance program specifically for your needs and budget.

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