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Dealing with a burst water pipe? With our 24/7 affordable plumbing services, this issue doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Our expert plumbers can fix it quickly and correctly.
Burst Water Pipes

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  • Turn off your water main.

    Switch off your water supply completely. If you think the burst pipe reached any of the electrical sockets or the fuse box, turn off the electricity as a precaution. The main shut-off valve is located somewhere in your home, such as the basement, crawl space, or area close to the water heater. In not inside, it’s likely found under a metal lid on your property close to the street.

  • Drain the faucets, starting with the cold taps first.

    Once you turn off the water supply, open your faucets and drain the remaining cold water from the system. Flush your toilets several times. This reduces the chance of any leftover water freezing inside the pipes, and could release any pent-up pressure in the pipe.

  • Turn off heat and drain your hot taps

    (water boiler and heating system) and release all water from your hot taps.

  • Let warm air in if the burst pipe occurred in cold weather.

    After draining the remaining water from your taps, you’ll probably want to turn back on the heat and turn up the thermostat. You can also use a hairdryer on the affected pipe. At the very least, open your cabinet doors where the pipes live and allow the warm air to circulate.

  • Clean up the mess

    by mopping up excess water to prevent mold and mildew, but before you get everything back to its pre-burst condition, take photos of any damage to your home and belongings. Don’t throw anything away yet, as you’ll want as much evidence as possible when you contact the insurance company.

We Offer Emergency Services in Utah County

A burst pipe cannot wait for service, and you won’t need to with Salisbury Plumbing’s emergency service. We fix the issue correctly and quickly, so the damage is minimized, and you can get your pipes functioning properly again. Contact us for all your plumbing needs today.
Burst Water
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Many expensive repairs can be avoided with a bit of preventative maintenance. Slow or stubborn drains have build-up inside them which are very acidic. This kind of build-up (called sludge) will rot your pipe from the inside out over time, leaving you with a broken drain. At this point, the only thing to do is to replace it. This usually means cutting up your floor and digging down to the rotten pipe. These repairs are labor intensive and can be time-consuming, leaving you without use of your facilities while the repair takes place. By walking into your facility and asking you a few questions, we can tailor a custom preventative maintenance program specifically for your needs and budget.

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