How Can I Tell If My Garbage Disposal Is Broken?

An everyday workhorse, the garbage disposal is a fixture of most kitchens that we don’t realize how reliant we are until it stops working.  So how can you tell if this unsung hero, your disposal, is broken? What about how to fix it or when to replace it? We’ll cover everything in today’s post. Signs […]

This Is What You Need to Do If Your Water Pipes Burst

It’s hard to know what to do when the unexpected happens, like having your water pipes burst. So keep reading to learn more.  In the event of your water pipes bursting, here is a step-by-step guide to follow and take control of the situation. You’ll want to take action immediately since water flowing from a […]

6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Main Line

As a homeowner, it’s crucial to recognize the signs of a compromised water main line to prevent damage from happening to your home. A water main is the line that connects your home’s plumbing system to a municipal water supply. These pipes ensure that you have an adequate supply of water each day. If this […]

3 Signs It’s Time To Have Your Business’s Fire Sprinkler System Inspected

3 Signs It's Time To Have Your Business's Fire Sprinkler System Inspected

One of the top ways you can protect your buildings is by having a fire sprinkler system installed by a professional. Fires can cause extensive damage to a building, not to mention threaten the safety of employees and clients. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has gathered data that shows fire sprinklers reduce the death […]

My Water Main is Broken. What Should I Do?

My Water Main is Broken. What Should I Do?

Until your water main is broken, you probably haven’t given much thought to what that means or the steps you should take next. You are likely to have a lot of questions should this situation happen to you. What is a water main? How do you know if it is broken? What do you do? […]

4 Signs It’s Time For A New Garbage Disposal

4 Signs It's Time For A New Garbage Disposal

Some household appliances aren’t given much thought—until it’s time to replace them. New garbage disposal is one of those unforeseen purchases. The garbage disposal is a workhorse in the modern kitchen, present in nearly 50 percent of US homes, according to the 2009 American Housing Survey. Rather than being thrown for a loop when your […]