An everyday workhorse, the garbage disposal is a fixture of most kitchens that we don’t realize how reliant we are until it stops working. 

So how can you tell if this unsung hero, your disposal, is broken? What about how to fix it or when to replace it? We’ll cover everything in today’s post.

Signs of a Broken Garbage Disposer

Before the disposal completely stops working, there are signs along the way that it is breaking down. If you notice any of the following, your disposal might be on its way out:

Call Salisbury Plumbing for Your Broken Garbage Disposal!

If you notice one or more of the issues listed above, you’re probably dealing with a broken garbage disposal. While you can usually assess the problem on your own, you’ll likely need a trusted plumber to fix it. At Salisbury Plumbing, our licensed plumbers provide service to residential clients throughout Utah County. Whether you’re located in American Fork or Provo, our experienced technicians can come to your rescue with 24-hour services. Give us a call at  385-375-1207 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.