Reasons Why You Should Leave Shower and Tub Repair to the Professionals

Reasons Why You Should Leave Shower and Tub Repair to the Professionals

Have you ever tried repairing a shower leak on your own? Perhaps tried to tackle a bathtub repair project? 

Reasons Why You Should Leave Shower and Tub Repair to the Professionals

Here are some of the top reasons why you should leave projects like these to professionals. First, even if you really want to get the task done by yourself, if you do not have legit training and are not quite sure about what you are doing, things can go south in a hurry, which can result in spending more time and money than you anticipated when you started. 

Even those who consider themselves handy around the home find that doing plumbing repairs is best left to the professionals. However, busted pipes can bring even the most confident “I can fix it” person to their knees. So, just be sure you know what you’re doing going into a project like this. 

What Could Go Wrong? 

Here are three significant issues to consider before undertaking a bathroom repair project that involves plumbing: 

  • Plumbing Codes – The plumbing system within your home is designed to bring in clean water and remove dirty water that may have the potential to contaminate your overall water supply, without knowing what the proper plumbing codes are, you risk violating them, which can lead to city fines. You can avoid this fine trap by calling in a professional who knows the ins and outs of plumbing-related codes.
  • Choosing Proper Pipes – Think of your pipes like a giant game of Mouse Trap. Many different materials, sizes, valves, and other connecting components make your plumbing system run smoothly. If you choose the wrong size or type of materials to repair your leaks, you can cause pipes to burst or create more leaks.
  • Expertise – It takes years of training to understand how to repair a plumbing system. They are trained on how to use various advanced tools, some of which you cannot find at your local hardware store. Having the proper tool for the job can make a world of difference. 

Plumbing can be tricky and challenging. Although you might think you are saving money by doing your own bathtub leak repair, you might cause more significant problems that will be expensive to fix down the road. 

Let’s Take a Quick Look at Some of the Most Common Plumbing Problems. 

  • Clogged Toilets and Drains – Slow or clogged drains occur when there is a blockage in the pipes. When it comes to sinks and showers, it is usually caused by the build-up of hair. Most clogged toilets are caused when non-dissolvable waste gets flushed. Sometimes this can easily be fixed by pouring a dissolving liquid down the drain. However, the best way to avoid these problems is to always use flushable products and try to throw away hair in the trash instead of allowing it to be rinsed down the drain.
  • Leaky Faucets and Pipes – This is an issue that happens in buildings that have indoor plumbing. All types of materials in all kinds of structures will have signs of wear and tear over time. Pipes are no stranger to the problems that come with everyday use. As for leaky faucets, if this is not addressed promptly, it could cause major problems in your pipes down the road. Hard water is also an enemy of your pipes and faucets.
  • Water Heater Issues – There is nothing worse than having problems with your water heater, especially in the winter. A freezing-cold shower on a snowy day is the last thing anyone wants to do. If you hear noises, have discolored water, see that it is dripping, or there is water pooling, you may want to contact a professional to take care of this problem before it gets worse.
  • Low Water Pressure – This can cause problems with the plumbing, especially in older houses. Whatever the cause is, low water pressure makes it difficult to shower and rinse things. Some of the things that can possibly cause this problem include main water breaks in the pipes, or it can be caused by something like a leaking pipe. Another potential cause could be mineral and sediment build-up in shower heads or faucet aerators.
  • Running Toilet – This will cause problems when the water inside the tank continues to run. Not only is this an incredibly annoying thing to listen to, but it is a massive waste of water. Routinely inspecting the components of your toilet can help you avoid having a running toilet. 

Here are a Few Tips for Those Who Still Want to Handle their Own Plumbing Repairs: 

  • Make sure you have a complete understanding of what the problem is before you start. This will help you feel comfortable with the size of the project.
  • Have the right tools for the job. Ensure you have the proper components to get the job done successfully.
  • Turn off the main water supply to the home to avoid water damage.
  • Keep in mind that plumbing work can get messy. Wear clothes that you won’t be upset about if they get dirty.
  • Have a professional plumber’s number handy. You just never know when things will get tricky and prove to be beyond your expertise. 

What Can a Professional Plumber Offer?

There is an incorrect stereotype that often follows plumbers around. People seem to think they are all rude, overbearing, and waltz into your home, creating a mess they will overcharge you for. This is a very unfair assessment, AND if you have had the misfortune to come across a plumber like that, the good news is that they work for you, and you get to choose who you will employ to repair your bathroom plumbing. 

Now for the easy part: Salisbury Plumbing offers plumbing repair services that you can count on. Whether you require bathtub leak repair services or work done on your shower, they’ve got you covered. So contact us today and let us help you get your bathroom up and running. You’ll get quality service from your local Utah plumbing experts. 

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