Why Water Treatment Systems Are a Must for Utah County Homes

Why Water Treatment Systems Are a Must for Utah County Homes?

Fresh, clean water is one of the most underrated luxuries, and water treatment systems are a great way to protect this valuable resource.

Treatment systems can help keep your water clean and drinkable, but there are other benefits, as well. Keep reading to find out why you should consider adding a treatment system to your home.

Better Health

You have probably heard the adage that you are what you eat. Well, you are what you drink as well. The adult human body is composed of up to 60% percent water (babies are as much as 78% water at birth!), with water being involved in nearly every important function of the body. The quality of the water you are consuming, then, is also very important. In the United States, our water supply is often treated with chemicals like chlorine to kill harmful bacteria. While this is obviously beneficial in preventing the spread of illness, consuming high levels of chlorine is harmful to your health and can cause congenital birth defects.

Even after leaving local water treatment centers, contaminants, chemicals, and pollutants can find their way into your water. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for areas of Utah County to be issued a boil water order in the face of an E. coli contamination. Installing water treatment systems provides protection against each of these threats to you and your family’s health.

Combat Hard Water

Water hardness refers to the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. The presence of these minerals can leave a residue behind, such as soap scum or a film on drinking glasses. The Beehive State is known for having hard water, with much of the state reaching levels of 180 milligrams of calcium carbonate per liter. Besides the annoyance factor of soap being less effective and leaving film on your glass, over time, hard water can lead to lime and calcium deposits in your plumbing. These deposits cause the diameter of your pipes to decrease and water pressure to weaken, causing your plumbing to be less efficient. A treatment system can filter out unwanted minerals and prevent hard water.

Improve Comfort

There is a lot to be said for comfort and general well-being. Of course, good health contributes to this, and fresh, clean water is necessary. Filtering water not only removes harmful contaminants, but it can also improve the taste and odor of the water as well. Bathing in chlorinated water can also cause dryness and itchiness; removing chemicals like this helps you have more hydrated skin and hair. Laundering clothing is more effective when you are not dealing with hard water, and clothing will also stay softer and last longer without hard water deposits.

Salisbury Plumbing Believes Every Home Needs a Water Treatment System

Taking into account your needs for health and comfort, and the effects of the hard water found across the state of Utah, water treatment systems are simply a must. Here at Salisbury Plumbing, we specialize in installing and maintaining high-quality treatment systems. With over 15 years of experience serving cities such as American Fork, Provo, and Orem in Utah County, we can fit your home with the right filtration system for your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate and get on your way to cleaner, healthier water.

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